Acer Ferrari 1200 Laptop

Acer Ferrari 1200 laptop offers a screen 12.1 “lighting with LEDs, and the laptop is integrated in a frame of carbon fiber, material used mostly in auto industry. One of the features that ultra-laptop wants to notice, optical drive, which is not very easy to integrate into a small frame.
The new model is the successor to Acer’s Ferrari 1100, launched in early 2008. That, a little disappointed by the lack of LED screen, and lower performance compared to similar systems with Intel processors. Laptop attempts to solve these problems, including using the new processor dual core Turion X2 Ultra from AMD. Graphics processing power system is provided by chipset motherboard AMD M780G with the GPU ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3200 integrated. Maximum supported RAM is 4 GB, and data storage is on the classic HDD SATA interface. The manufacturer did not provide any information linked to the price or launch date.

About the author: Codrin Berbunschi