The best known beaches for nudists in Greece

In Greece, nudism is allowed only in a few locations, even if topless is practiced on many beaches. Nudist beaches do not appear in guidebooks, but practitioners of this “sport” have done all sorts of tops.

The best known beaches for nudists in Greece

The best known beaches for nudists in Greece 1

The best known beaches for nudists in Greece 3

The best known beaches for nudists in Greece 4

Here are the most popular nudist beaches in Greece:

- Paradise Beach & Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos: Mykonos is one of the most libertine islands, parties and fun holding each day until dawn. The two beaches are in the south of the island.

- Filakia Beach & Red Beach, Crete: filakia Beach is the only nudist beach in Crete. Even the bartenders at taverns, work in the costume of Adam!

- Big, Nameless, and Little Banana Beach, Skiathos: The three beaches are on the south-west of the island.

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Best Mediterranean Cruises

Are you ready for the holiday of your life? If you have reached that point in life where every experience loses its shine when you want only what is best, it’s time to spend your vacation on a cruise.

Being a tourist on a cruise ship is like a dream that you can not compare with any of your travel experiences.

The journey begins with fascinating pictures and ending with premium services, where everyone greets you with a smile. A perfect cruise does not depend on the season, the atmosphere on board is always the same: cheerful and effervescent.Best Mediterranean Cruises

If you love culture and history then you can certainly try a Mediterranean cruise with Sovereign ship that will arrive every day in a different city. Within a few hours you can explore the beauty of the place, you can buy a trip on board or you can make your own route in Barcelona, ​​Tunis, Naples, Rome, Florence and Monaco.Best Mediterranean Cruises 3

Sovereign is the most famous ship of the company Pullmantur, because of the unique design and elegant decor.

With a capacity of 2,700 passengers, the comfort level is very high. Tourists can enjoy the fitness room facilities, or relax at the pool, sauna or jacuzzi. With dark, Sovereign becomes a floating city: extravagant shows, theater performances and live music, hot nights in clubs or casinos are some of the attractions of the ship.Best Mediterranean Cruises 4

Also on the Mediterranean Sea, is the vessel Noordam, but in a 11-day cruise with stops in Venice, Katakolon, Piraeus, Mykonos, Kusadasi, Rhodes, Thira, Civitavecchia and Salerno.

Spacious boat awaits you with an elegant and comfortable. On board you can enjoy a real art collection, which includes among other things a series of photographs of famous musicians Dizzy Gillespie and BB King.Best Mediterranean Cruises 5

Facilities are varied, ranging from unique dishes, to spas. You can relax and enjoy the sun in special places to sit on the beach or you can enjoy the sunset from the deck, and if you are a person more active and willing to learn new things, you can participate in cooking classes at the Center of culinary art.Best Mediterranean Cruises 7

For the most demanding, with MSC Splendida cruise up to standard 5 star hotel along the Mediterranean with stops in Genoa, Naples, Messina, La Goulette, Barcelona, ​​Marseille and Genoa.Best Mediterranean Cruises 1

MSC Splendida is a luxury cruise line class “Fantasia”, on board will not have a simple journey, but a unique experience, an Italian-style pampering.

Splendid is a vessel equipped with latest technology, where most of the cabins have balconies, and for passengers who prefer a more exclusive atmosphere, there is a 5-star service in the MSC Yacht Club. In this area there are 71 apartments and 24/7 Butler.Best Mediterranean Cruises 6

You can indulge in the sauna, Turkish baths, solar, relaxation rooms, massage room, jacuzzi in the MSC Aurea Spa. There are also four swimming pools, an exercise room, squash court and a chance to live the experience of a Formula One racing driver.Best Mediterranean Cruises 2

Splendida boasts that excellent gastronomy is represented aboard. The four different restaurants impresses with style, sophistication and taste of recipes prepared.

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Baked Cod Fillets

Baked-Cod-Fillets-44756Tomatoes and green chiles add bold flavor and a zap of heat to flawlessly flaky fish. Did we mention this ready-in-15-minutes seafood idea is also low-fat? Continue reading →

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